What If . . . the biggest meal you had all week was Rice with Cocoa Powder sprinkled on top??

. . . . Rice & Cocoa Powder to Eat?? Yucky! In America — we would turn up our noses and walk away!

As horrible as it sounds – – – a little church in Manila has been feeding 60-100 little homeless street children that very dish for several years in a once a week food program. It was all the Church could afford.

These little children, some as young as 3 and 4 years old, work 12 hours a day begging. They sell flowers, candy, beg, or whatever they can manage to earn money to help feed their families.

They do not attend school.

Their vision of home is a mattress or some rags thrown in a corner on the street and shared by their parents and 5 or 6+ siblings. It’s a hard life — A forgotten generation.

Yet the little children look forward to Saturday to be able to hear Bible stories, play games and eat. It is the only fun these children have ever had and the only exposure to the things of God.

Now, thanks to a donor, the little church has been able to add hot dogs and occasionally some hamburger to the meal. That donation is $25 a week.

Think of that! $25 a week to feed 60-100 children!

During Christmas and Easter the count rises to 200-225 children. Impossible to imagine. Just think! If they had $100 per week – they could add juice, milk, vegetables and fruit to their meal.

This month the donor supplied 60 backpacks and school supplies to any of the children who could show they were enrolled in the public school. Children need to attain their fullest academic potential to break the cycle of ignorance and poverty.

But it’s not enough!

For $1 per day, per child – that’s $60 per week we could afford to pack a lunch for each child to pick up on their way to school. Food is what fuels the body and the mind. Food is what they need to know that God sees their circumstances and meets their needs –That He loves them too.

Hearing this story and seeing it with my own eyes, God touched my heart and gave me such a burden for these little ones. Jesus said “the poor would always be with us”, but it’s hard to watch the suffering. Jesus, in His compassion, had a tender heart toward children. He loved them very much because children in their innocence love without restrictions and without judgment.

As I began to pray and share my vision with friends, God laid it on my heart to start God’s Little Children International to help these children. . . As Christians, we can reach out with compassion and be His hand extended – – – we can show the children and their parents the true love of God.

As God supplies the funds I hope to see even more children touched, saved and raised up literally from the gutters and the pits of hell – Regardless of race, color or creed. Children are children! They weren’t meant to suffer.

The Main Goal: To share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to improve the quality of life of families in need. To give their children an opportunity to escape poverty through education, medical help, financial and moral support.

God has blessed America. We have so much and yet we complain. It’s time to see the world as God sees it.

I’m asking you to please consider this plea and commit to help the children – whether its $1 or many dollars. Any gift will be appreciated.

Please ask your church if they would consider adding us to their missionary outreach program.


About Beverly Goding

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